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WATCH: Kim Garam Bullying Video Scandal Viral On Youtube, Reddit, And, Twitter: Kim Garam is a famous Korean celebrity, she is not famous only in Korea but she has huge popularity among the whole world. If you got the news that, Kim Garam who is a very famous celebrity, also got school bullied in her childhood that would be very shocking for everyone. Lesseafim recently introduced her as a Garam as a singer. She has already made headlines and sparked speculation just one day after her debut. Here is a detail of why she is being viral on the internet, and what is the reason behind it. Follow More Update On Olasmediatv.com

Kim Garam Bullying

Kim Garam Bullying Scandal Video

Kim Garam has a singer, who has debuted just now but is going viral not because of her singing but because she trending on the internet because of her childhood bullying incident. Kim Garam’s bullying story has gone viral on the internet. Just only less than a day after Lesserafim Introduced her, the old image was disseminated in the Korean community.

As per the viral content, several photographs related to her appearance in the posts, are unacceptable for a student. You guys will not believe that in her childhood picture there is a board with sexually explicit images in the background. This photo is gone viral on the internet and people are sharing the story with each other. That is obviously shocking news for everyone. Later, a person claimed that Kim on Facebook that was forced to take photos despite not understanding what was written on the board, confirmed by Kim’s friend.

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Kim Garam Bullying Scandal Video Explained

Rather than she also demanded on the improper images on the board be removed after she discovered them. As per the Kbizzoom netizens they are only preset to cover up her conduct.  it has become a big rumor on social media that Kim harassed a number of students on campus circulated via social media. It is claiming with a very sure that she harassed a number of students on campus through many social media sides such as Twitter, Instagram, and others. But Twitter is following and spreading this content very speedily to social media users.

As we know that social media has become the platform for spreading information very quickly, it does not matter for, the news was true or if someone only spreading rumors. So because of this kind of situation Kim has to face problems at just the beginning of her career.


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