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Killeen Mall Shooting: 1 Injured, Texas Police Looking For Suspect In Shootout



A horrific shootout took place on Tuesday evening, December 7, 2021, at Killeen Mall. Now, the authorities are looking for the suspect behind the dreadful as the shootout has resulted in one person getting injured. The news has been gaining attention from the netizens around the area who happens to be in overwhelming fear. Well, it’s usual to feel this way when such kind of incident happens in daylight. It indicates how people are not safe in public. However, the police officers have started the investigation to find out the identity of the suspect who caused chaos in the area.

Killeen Mall Shooting: 1 Injured, Texas Police Looking For Suspect In Shootout  - Killeen Mall Shooting 1 Injured Texas Police Looking For Suspect - Killeen Mall Shooting: 1 Injured, Texas Police Looking For Suspect In Shootout


As per the sources, police officers have obtained a video of the Killeen Mall shooting which has intensified their investigation. The suspect who is wanted has been described as a white male who was last seen wearing dark clothing paired with a white mask and a white beanie. He is being suspected to be the cause of the sudden shootout which occurred at Finish Line inside the mall. According to the police, they were informed about shots being fired around 7:17 PM and later was updated about an active shooter too.

Killeen Mall Shooting Updates

Talking about the terrifying shootout on Facebook, the police released a statement where they stated that they have one injured person at the incident and that the victim is airlifted to Baylor Scott and White. The authorities further added that the extent of the injuries is not known at this moment. It also came forward that a witness informed that they heard around six shots being fired inside the mall. Another witness, Rachael Brown, said that he doesn’t understand why they are not shutting the place down and added that he will never go to the mall again.

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However, police had evacuated the all and requested the people who need to pick someone up to do so from the Mall’s west side of WS Young Drive. Further, Charles Kimble, the chief, said that some shoppers took shelter in the mall as they feared coming out and putting their lives in danger. As video has been obtained by the police department, they have started to collect evidence on the saddening incident and to find out about the culprit. Besides, the officers have urged people to call 254-501-8830 if they happen to see the suspect around 7 pm and know anything about the Killeen Mall shootout. Follow for more latest news and updates!


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