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Kelly Rowland talks new music, motherhood and says Destiny’s Child sisterhood



kelly rowland talks new music, motherhood and says destiny's child sisterhood - kelly rowland nov 2017 b billboard 1548 1594760120 compressed 300x198 - Kelly Rowland talks new music, motherhood and says Destiny’s Child sisterhood

If good things come in threes, then Kelly Rowland is basking her current moment of bliss. The Grammy winner gave birth to her second child, Noah, last month, celebrated her milestone 40th birthday last week and dropped her new EP Friday (19 FEBRUARY 2021) simply titled “K.”

The result of her musical labor of love is a six-track project heavily influenced by afrobeat rhythms and matters of the heart.

“There’s definitely a piece of relationship or, well this relationship – my marriage – on there. I mean, just relationships, period. I just feel like when it comes to love and when it comes to telling stories, I had to put a little bit of that, well, shoot all of it, on the record because if you don’t…It wouldn’t have been me,” Rowland told The Associated Press.

“When I hear a song, I don’t hear it for, ‘Is this going to be a hit record?’ I hear it for how it makes me feel.”


Rowland said that over the past year she has struggled to find time for herself while being a wife, mother, recording artist and pregnant. However, lockdown has allowed her to spend quality time with her 6-year-old son.

“I did bond more with my son Titan, I learned so many things about him and had so much fun just getting to know him even more. And not saying that I didn’t know my kid, but just our intimate time just doubled up, you know what I mean? And we had all these beautiful moments together. And me and my husband didn’t end up hating each other. We love each other even more.”

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Rowland also discussed how her sisterhood with fellow Destiny’s Child members Beyonce Knowles and Michelle Williams has evolved over the past decade as they married and had children.

“That’s been the greatest blessing,” Rowland says of their relationship. “The fact that no one will know, but we’ll be at my house or B’s house or Michelle’s house and we’ll just be chillin’ and that’s some of our sweetest moments…when we talk about kids or marriage or anything, I know they’re my rock – they truly are my rock. And I don’t know a lot of people who get that in this industry.”



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