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Justin Bieber Allegedly Involved In A Fresh Sexual Assault Accusation



Justin Bieber In A Fresh Sexual Assault Accusation

A lady simply identified as Danielle have come out to open a fresh sexual assault allegation against pop star Justin Bieber. The incident which happened on march 9, 2014 more than 6 years ago was one that has continued to generate a lot of controversy online.

According to Danielle, the Gabby and Ansel’s story gave her the necessary courage to share her story. She however told the story while keeping her true identity saying that she is not ready to disclose her identity.

She noted the date which was the 9th day of March, 2014. According to her, Justin Bieber came for a concert in Houston, Texas in company of former girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

Justin Bieber justin bieber allegedly involved in a fresh sexual assault accusation - IMG 20200621 081758 300x217 - Justin Bieber Allegedly Involved In A Fresh Sexual Assault Accusation

Justin Bieber

Danielle recounted how Justin Bieber showed up at a bar after she and her friends attended a Scooter Braun concert in Austin. After Bieber’s performance, Danielle claimed a man approached her and her friends and asked them if they will like to meet Justin after the party. They agreed.

After meeting him, Justin Bieber and his friends invited them to Four Seasons hotel. She claimed Justin Bierber’s friend took her other friends to a different room while they took her to a separate room.

According to her, Justin Bieber came into the room, seized her phone and then asked her to join in bed. She then went on to give a succinct explanation on how he kissed her and she kissed him back probably due to the drinks she took, puller her top and jean trouser off as he lay with her without her consent.

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She noted that while this happened 6 years ago, she only felt courageous to share it with her family and friends just last year. She advised those with issues of sexual assault and rape to come out clear and find the courage to tell their story.

However, Justin Bieber’s crew have denied the allegations leveled against the pop star claiming that he was never at the Four seasons hotel at that point in time rather he stayed at Westin hotel. Allison Kaye noted that while the allegations may be suspicious, they had to make a proper investigations in order to deny it.

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