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Americans Come For Trump, Over Joe Biden Gaffe



Americans Come for President Trump, As he callout Joe Biden over Covid-19 Deaths

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Joe Biden gaffe during an event in Lancaster has he mistakenly said 120 million people have died from the coronavirus in the United State. The former Vice President however immediately corrected himself.

During Thursday night’s Hannity town hall, the Fox News host told Trump that the former VP had committed “another gaffe” by saying that 120 million people had died from coronavirus in the U.S.

Several official Republican accounts had tweeted a short clip from a Biden event in Lancaster, PA that featured Biden saying “Now we have over 120 million dead from COVID.”

President Trump tweeted about it on his official Twitter handle and he had received backlash from Americans.


The President tweeted “Corrupt Joe Biden said yesterday that we have over “120 million” people dead of Coronavirus!”

Many people came for the president and condemned his president tweet where he talked about joe Biden gaffe

Below are some of the tweets replying to President Trump tweet :

Corrupt Donald Trump caused more than 120,000 Americans to die by downplaying the coronavirus pandemic and telling people that the cases would go down to zero by summer, asking people to take hydroxychloroquine despite fatal heart problems and to inject bleach into their blood.

– you said you were looking into the “oranges” of the Mueller investigation
– you said that Revolutionary soldiers were guarding airports
– you called Tim Cook “Tim Apple”
– you think windmills cause cancer
honcho, are you really sure this is a road you want to go down

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Says the “so-called President” who HAS NO IDEA what his Priorities are for a second term.

Trump’s goal is to distract the American people! Let’s keep our eye on the ball!

You did NOTHING after learning that Putin paid the Taliban bounties on American soldiers, you traitorous piece of shit.

Oh, I forgot: you wanted to REWARD Russia by inviting them to the G7. What a scumbag.

This is not the first time President Donald Trump is calling out the former president and pointing to Joe Biden gaffe as the stage toward the presidential election gets set.


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