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Texas Weather: Joe Biden Declares Major Disaster, What It Means



President Joe Biden has been reportedly set to declare a major disaster for Texas in order to allow the state have access to federal funds and properties due to the rise in temperature which has led to the death of 60 Americans.

U.S President Joe Biden Set To Declare Major Disaster For Texas To Pave Way For Help texas - BE520F9A E0A6 4483 8D96 DF73D5EC7AF6 300x225 - Texas Weather: Joe Biden Declares Major Disaster, What It Means

There are reports that Power is going back to normal but temperature is still going higher and some residents are not having access to clean water.

Joe Biden said he will be visiting Texas as far as his visitation will not cause harm to the State.

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According to White House Spokeswoman Jen Psaki, the President has spoken with the Mayors Of Houston, Austin and Dallas to enable them have access to federal resources as part of the measures put in place to ease the burden on the state alone.

The Situation in the United States has now worsen due to shortage of water and electricity. The winter has led to pipes that supply water to freeze which has now forced residents to boil snow in order to have access to water.

Texas biggest City, Houston, have been advised by the U.S center for disease control to boil water before use as it might have been contaminated.

Authorities are now working towards distributing bottled water and powered generators to those that do not have.

The reported deaths include those that died due to traffic accidents, carbon monoxide and cold.


An 11-year-old boy who was born in Honduras and has just seen snow for his first time died of cold but authorities are now investigating if he died due to hypothermia.

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