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It Is Too Late For Wike To Leave The PDP. The APC Is Too Tight For Him To Penetrate – Obiora Okonkwo



It Is Too Late For Wike To Leave The PDP. The APC Is Too Tight For Him To Penetrate – Obiora Okonkwo, #Late #Wike #Leave #PDP #APC #Tight #Penetrate #Obiora #Okonkwo Welcome to 50MIND S BLOG, This is the most recent breaking news and trending broadcast that we have for you today: :

During an interview with Arise Online News, Professor Obiora Okonkwo noted that the Governor of Rivers State, Governor Nyesom Wike does not have the future of the People’s Democratic Party in his palms.

He however noted that Wike is a strong party man, but contrary to what people believe, he implied that the People’s Democratic Party will still thrive in Wike’s absence, even though he is seriously needed in the party.

According to him, if the People’s Democratic Party goes to the election unified, it will stand a better chance of winning the 2023 elections. He however disagreed with the assumption that since Nyesom Wike has his own issues and wanted his interest protected, the party may lose the election.

He noted that the above assumption is a wrong interpretation of the party, considering that the party worked things out within INEC’s specifications. According to him, if the party was utterly disorganized as people say, they would not have achieved that so effectively.


He also said that he agrees that the problem the party is facing currently is about what Governor Nyesom Wike wants, however, the Governor of Rivers State is not the only member of the party. He added that he supports every efforts that needs to be made to ensure that every member of the party is carried along.

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Speaking further, Obiora Okonkwo acknowledged that Wike is a very important party man, but his value is useful to the People’s Democratic Party as long as the internal issue in the party is solved within manageable period of time.

Speaking further, he admitted that the party has used up all it’s internal mechanism within its own disposal to solve the issue.

He added that Governor Nyesom Wike’s option is better of with the PDP. According to him, the ruling All Progressives Congress is too tight for him to penetrate at this time. He added that it is too late for him to leave the PDP and start nurturing any other party to show what he can do.

He hopes that by next week, there might be a good news regarding the issue.


He also said that Rivers State, which Nyesom Wike governs has been loyal to the party since 1999.

Professor Obiora Okonkwo speaking during an interview with Arise Online News

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