Manchester City boss, Pep Guardiola has reiterated his statement of giving Liverpool the guard of honour in the coming week encounter at the Ethiad stadium.

While speaking on a live interview, city’s boss, Pep Guardiola noted that while many may see it as a show of shame for Manchester city, they will give Liverpool the guard of honour in the most pleasant manner.

He noted when asked saying “We are going to give a guard of honour of course. We make sure, whenever we receive Liverpool, its in an incredible way. When they come to our house”

While speaking further Pep Guardiola noted that they will surely do it because Liverpool deserves it. He noted “We are, for sure, going to do it because they deserves it. It was not the perfect season for us after what happened in the previous two seasons with this consistency but there are teams that were worse than us, and one team that was exceptional. We can say that we can learn from them and congratulate them.”

It will be recalled that there has been raised eyebrows ever since if became known that Liverpool will be crowned champions at Manchester city stadium.

Manchester city's Manager, Pep Guardiola
Manchester city’s Manager, Pep Guardiola

Liverpool won the league after their closest rival on the premier league table, Manchester city dropped points after they were beaten by Chelsea at Stamford bridge in London.

Currently as it stands, Liverpool are on 86 points, 23 points clear of second place Manchester city who are on 63 points and third place Leicester city who are on 55 points.

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Since Liverpool became the automatic champion after the wide point margin, it became imperative to be awarded and given the league cup in their next match.

Frank Lampard And Pep Guardiola
Frank Lampard and Pep Guardiola

Coincidentally, their closest rival, Manchester city is their next game and the city players are the ones that will be giving their fierce opponent the guard of honour.

While many have considered this a bad luck in some ways, the city’s boss Guardiola have come out to say that there is nothing there in giving the guard of honour and they will willingly do it because they deserves it.

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