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Is This Right In A Democratic Settings? (Video)



Is This Right In A Democratic Settings?is this right in a democratic settings? (video) - images 15 1 - Is This Right In A Democratic Settings? (Video)

Nigeria is a country that housed diverse numbers of barbaric leaders cum megalomaniacs.
Before our independence in 1960, things were going as it is expected, the white men who colonized us were honest, they build our nation to the standard they wanted, but immediately we acquired the power which we clamoured for, we began to enslave ourselves.
There was a certain man named Akinjide Akinloye he once made a heinous statement which most of our fathers are citing when needed, he said: ” when all of us are bankers, lawyers, engineers who will carry our files?”
I will like Nigerians who are fully blessed with iconic cognizance to ponder on this statement, if you study the mind of this man during the moment he enunciated that statement, one will detect that the magnitude of the statement is an act to promulgate an endless servitudeservitude.

End Sars protest is this right in a democratic settings? (video) - FB IMG 1602708100592 300x225 - Is This Right In A Democratic Settings? (Video)

End Sars protest

And that is what most of the Nigerian political elites are working towards, they want to keep idolising themselves and vilifies the masses.
Thus, making Nigeria the most corrupt country in the world, a country where nonentities are seen at the helm of affairs.
For instance in Lagos state, a certain leader of hoodlums was once seen as an administrator and conductor of the Nigerian rehabilitation program, am talking of MC Oluomo who was later eliminated because of the wide outcry of the masses.

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Without being told, Nigeria is filled with redundancy, most of the youth who are graduating are mostly welcome in the field of Okada riding, while most graduate ladies end up selling petty things besides the road.
Since our leaders are callous and full of nepotism, most of our good scholars who can’t afford to work as a cyclist are running to sojourn in Europe, many even prefer to work as a maid in some Arabian countries, yet these evil leaders are seeing and hearing all that is happening to their citizens and they are numb about this right in a democratic settings? (video) - images 20 - Is This Right In A Democratic Settings? (Video)
Many of these evil leaders are packing our money to acquire assets, some are building highly extortionate houses, an example is Senator Lee Meeba who constructed his house foundations only with over #100,000,000, while Dino Melaye keeps hiping expensive cars all with our money in a country where about 75% lives below a dollars in a day.
These their political opprobrium was what got to our neck when the youths resolved not to celebrate Independence during the previous October 1, when Nigeria was supposed to celebrate its 60 years of Independence.
Now through their political shenanigans, a branch of police department named Special Anti Robbery Squad(SARS) became a threat to the masses and youths began to protest against this right in a democratic settings? (video) - images 16 1 - Is This Right In A Democratic Settings? (Video)
Up till this moment, President Muhammad buhari remains mute about the development, hence inculcating the SARS to go ahead and kill the citizens, how many of buhari children will he be able to release for slaughter when his citizens are being killed.
It’s now a common phenomenon that his brothers Fulani herdsmen are busy killing the Nigerians to acquire their land illegally, while buhari stood aside and let it happen, banditry and genocide of the southern Kaduna, yet buhari remains mute, now its the protest against the killers of the citizens called SARS, buhari still proclaimed to retrain them.
On what ground will that be?is this right in a democratic settings? (video) - download 6 - Is This Right In A Democratic Settings? (Video)
That is why the youths have come to protest but instead, some of them brought hoodlums against them, they attack them in Abuja yesterday, today they attacked them in Lagos state.
It is so obvious that those who attacked them in Abuja are sponsored by the presidency because the miscreants that attacked them were detected to be Fulanis after they were captured while those that attacked them in Lagos are sent by the politicians from Lagos state.
What how the Nigerians were attacked in Lagos HERE.
Whatever we do, we must know that there is one inevitable being who can never be stopped but has the power to put a stop to all things.
These are the people we used our hand to elect to come and rule us, but after acquiring power they became our enemy, by killings us and depriving us of all our goodies of life.
My prayer is that soon our people’s eyes will open wide so that they will see that, Nigeria is not a country to follow but secession will be the final answers.

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