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Is Rebecca Sarker Leaving Emmerdale or Manpreet Dead? Hoax Explained



Spoilers: Is Rebecca Sarker Leaving Emmerdale or Manpreet Dead? Hoax Explained: One of the most famous actresses Rebecca Sarkar is currently in the headlines for her role in Emmerdale. Yes, there are some rumors that have come about the actress regarding her leave from the show. However, there is no confirmation has been made yet about it. As we all know that Rebecca Sarkar has been playing the beloved character of Manpreet Julia in Emmerdale since 2018. Now, there is some news that she is leaving the show. The viewers are extremely confused whether she is leaving or not, also people want to know more about her career and life. In this article, we are going to provide you with all the details about her so stay tuned. Follow More Update On

Rebecca Sarker Leaving Emmerdale  - Is Rebecca Sarker Leaving Emmerdale or Manpreet Dead Hoax Explained - Is Rebecca Sarker Leaving Emmerdale or Manpreet Dead? Hoax Explained

Is Rebecca Sarker Leaving Emmerdale?

Rebecca Sarkar is a popular English actress who has been enjoying her career in the entertainment industry for a very long time. Yes, it has been 23 years since she has been playing outstanding roles in several films and shows and gaining fame and reputation. Currently, she is making the headlines regarding her role in Emmerdale, a British soap opera, as Manpreet Julia. For some time, the news has been rounding on social media platforms that Rebecca is leaving the show as her character will be seen dead this time.


Is Rebecca Sarker Character Manpreet Dead?

Rebecca has been playing the role of Manpreet Julia for 3 years in Emmerdale. In the series, she was seen for the first time on 09 July 2018, in episode 8197. Now, several people have been claiming that she could leave the show in 2022. However, Rebecca Sarkar didn’t make any statement regarding her leave from the show. Apart from this, people have been excited to watch the upcoming sequence of the series but they also want to see Rebecca in the role of Manpreet.

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In the upcoming sequence, we are going to see Manpreet will trick her sister into disguise. Rebecca is playing her role amazingly and convincing her fans to love her. She is playing Manpreet’s character perfectly. There is no information is available on whether the character of Manpreet is going to die or not.

Manpreet is a doctor in the series who has a sister whose name is Meena. Meena is in a physical relationship with her sister’s first husband due to which the relationship between the two sisters turns bitter. It will be interesting to see whether Manpreet will succeed to trick her sister or will be killed by Meena. Stay tuned with us for more updates.