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Is Mel Gibson A Racist? See What He Said To His Ex-Girl friend



With series of domestic violence attached to his name, it seems American actor Mel Gibson is not a saint as many claims him to be.

It will be recalled that Mel Gibson and former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva parted ways some years back and Mel narrowly escaped paying some settlement bribe.

However, a leaked audio have surfaced online which reveals a conversation between Mel and his ex girlfriend.

Listening to the video, one cannot but marvel at the level of contempt and disregard on the part of Mel Gibson in two cogent aspect of human life.


First Mel shows total disregard for the female gender as he abusively assault his ex girlfriend on the basis of her dressing.

Secondly, he showed total disregard for the racist word “Nigger” as he used it effortlessly in order to get under the skin of his ex-girlfriend.

Oksana Grigorieva after her tumbled relationship with Mel Gibson noted that she had suffered post traumatic stress disorder from the pains inflicted on her by Mel during their stint together.

Mel Gibson  is mel gibson a racist? see what he said to his ex-girl friend - IMG 20200623 082741 200x300 - Is Mel Gibson A Racist? See What He Said To His Ex-Girl friend

Mel Gibson

In the audio that was distributed online, Mel was clearly heard telling his ex partner how uncomfortable he was seeing her donning tight clothes however she noted that she does not walk around in tight clothes.

Mel then went on with his statement of absolute contempt saying that seeing her put on tight clothes is an embarrassment to him.

Also in the audio, Mel Gibson was heard calling the mother of his child a bitch while threatening her that she might be raped by a pack of Niggers

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He then went went on to say that if she get raped, it was because she provoked it because according to Mel, she is always provocatively dressed all the time.

He also showed total disregard for her body as he noted saying “Fake boobs” and “tight outfit that shows her private part from behind”

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