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Is Madison Chock Married with Evan Bates? American ice dancer Relationship Explored



Is Madison Chock Married with Evan Bates? American ice dancer Relationship Explored: Famous Ice-dancing duo Madison Chock and Evan Bates, both have appeared in the world-class championship and tournaments have not exchanged the vows yet. Reports are saying that the couple is together since 2011 but not married yet. Here you will get more on the dancing duo who is in trending on social media for their unconventional relationship. We have wrapped some important information and personal details in this written. Take a dig and read more. Follow More Update On

Madison Chock Married with Evan Bates  - Is Madison Chock Married with Evan Bates American ice dancer - Is Madison Chock Married with Evan Bates? American ice dancer Relationship Explored

Is Madison Chock Married with Evan Bates?

Both have grabbed together two gold medals in World Championships, three silver medals in Grand Prix Final, three US champions, and four continent champion medals. These stats are implying that how effective they are together. In the coming days, the American dancing duo will be seen in Beijing Olympics in 2022. They are together both on and off of the screen, Chock and Bates both are dating each other but not married at this time but they never fail to present a strong bond between them. Bates and Chock are competing since 2011 in the highest level of competitions and after sparing too much time together they officially announced that they are dating each other in 2017.


Evan and Madison are in a relationship it is confirmed but when they are going to tie the knot is not revealed by them. It is seeming that both are thinking about only their profession, not on their marriage so it may take a while for their marriage but regardless Madison and Evan are completely fallen for each other. Evan Bates and Madison Chock, both were from supportive families, Madison was raised by her parents Wesley Chock and Barbara Chock. Her mother is from a European family and her father is from Chinese-Hawaiian. And Evan Bates’ father’s name is Eric Bates and his mother’s name is Nancy Bates. Evan also has a sister named Alexis Bates.

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Madison Chock and Evan Bates Instagram

If we talk about their age there is a difference of three years between them. Evan Bates is currently 32 years old who was born on 23rd February 1989 in Michigan city of the United States and Madison 29 years old who was born on 2nd July 1992 in California, United States. Both met during an ice dancing event where both competed together as both were raised in the United States that led to an interesting start of a lovable journey both on the ice rink and off the ice rink. Both have together spent more than ten years and maybe spent more time together.


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