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Is Kingpin Dead in Hawkeye? Character Fates Explained



*This article is going to be containing spoilers about Hawkeye, the people who are not interested in spoilers should not read the article*.

Is Kingpin Dead in Hawkeye? Character Fates Explained: For anyone who has watched Daredevil already knows, the Kingpin is pretty cruel, he is a pretty cruel man indeed, it turns out that Hawkeye is even crueler, we are saying this because just after Vincent D’Onofrio finally returned to reprise his iconic Marvel role, the final episode of Hawkeye seems to kill the Kingpin off completely. Follow More Update On


Kingpin Dead in Hawkeye  - Is Kingpin Dead in Hawkeye Character Fates Explained - Is Kingpin Dead in Hawkeye? Character Fates Explained

Is Kingpin Dead in Hawkeye?

It is not known if Marvel is really going to do it, will they really kill the beloved character, I mean they have done it in the movies so it could be that they do it in the series but we highly doubt, the greatest adversary of Kingpin is that he is a man without any fear, Hawkeye episode six open with Kingpin and Eleanor Bishop in a fraught business meeting where Kate mother tells him that she is leaving behind the life of crime.

Kingpin is someone who doesn’t like people saying no to him, especially to his face, this probably explains why his face starts to twitch as the meeting comes to an end, soon after Kingpin’s day even got worse, it was bad to an extent that his favorite shirt wouldn’t even help him to lift up his mood.

Is Kingpin Dead in Hawkeye? Explained

A quiver full of trick arrows later, and we cut ahead to Fisk confronting Eleanor in a bid to stop her from leaving the Christmas party. Thankfully, Kate arrives just in time to protect her mother, except regular arrows aren’t going to cut it. Snapping the pesky arrows out of his chest, Kingpin lunged forward towards Kate and when it was looking bad for Kate, he got his by Eleanor’s car.

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This leads us to Kingpin’s final scene in Hawkeye, and perhaps the MCU at large (although we highly doubt that). Just as it looks like the big boss man is going to make a clean getaway, Echo arrives with a jaunty festive tune, no less. There are going to be further updates on the show in the coming days and weeks and we are going to be on our toes in order to provide you with further details as soon as something comes under our radar. It seems like the show has really been a big hit, the storyline has been amazing and the action has been top-notch.


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