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Is Kendall Jenner Pregnant? American model pregnancy hoax explained



Is Kendall Jenner Pregnant? American model pregnancy hoax explained: You guys are gig to be so excited to know that Kendall Jenner is pregnant. As the news of his. Last night the Kardashians were seen tweeting the last night’s episode of the most famous and renowned show worldwide, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. So there is a tweet from Kris Jenner which seems that her second daughter Kendall Jenner was pregnant. So this has been circulating all over the social platforms. You just are getting curious to receive more about the some just keep up with the article. Follow More Update On

Kendall Jenner Pregnant  - Is Kendall Jenner Pregnant American model pregnancy hoax explained - Is Kendall Jenner Pregnant? American model pregnancy hoax explained

Is Kendall Jenner Pregnant?

So just after this tweet, Kendall calls out her mon and she told her that the tweet circulated by her, is creating a buzz and it seems that “I’m pregnant.” So she use to handle this misleading tweet in such a good and graced way as she knows that this going to be circulating all over the world and she responses to this misleading tweet in such a great manner. So here’s what she has been written, “MOM, this looks like a pregnancy announcement.” And she ends it with a smile emoji. She also tagged the tweet from her mom which is consists of, “You got this, @kamdalljenner.” And she added the emoji of the milk bottle.


In July 2018 Kendall gave an interview in which she shared that, “she is the only child of the Kardahasn’s family who hasn’t a baby yet as she isn’t in a rush to start her family this soon.” Here are her words, “I have years ahead those I want to spend on me and for me and if we talk about Kylie then sometimes it looks like that she is built for this as she is playing such a great time and efforts of being a mom. She wins how she handles a family and kids. She is an incredible mom.”

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She further says that “I use to be wonder many times to have a baby but this thought is like what comes and goes. But right now I’m okay with being in this way, I’m these days and I might be thinking about recovering a baby in a couple of years.” He is in a relationship with Devin and she also said that “he is a man she is so respectful for me, he makes me feel comfortable and safe. He has all the quality which a lover must-have.”


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