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Is Buhari’s administration really a failure?



To answer this question one must look at the past,where we are coming from.
The government has not done well in some areas and we have said it.
The most glaring area of failure is insecurity with a frightening dimension added to the fact that the President is not up to the task.

Is Buhari's administration really a failure? - FB IMG 15881561429162884 1589569070191 277x300 - Is Buhari’s administration really a failure?

The government made progress against Boko Haram and stabilized the North East but lost it all in North-West and other parts of the country. Nigeria has never been so insecured in its entire history. Bandidts,armed robbers and kidnappers have taken over highways and villages.

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This year people will not be able to go to farm in the whole zamfara state,parts of Katsina and Kaduna states. The most annoying aspect of it is that the president lacks the will to change the security arrangement and sack the people bringing failure to national security. He is definitely not in charge and it looks like giving him another term was a terrible mistake by the affected communities.


But there are still areas of progress. Minus security, the government has made progress.
Assessing it depends on the person doing the assessment.
There are those people that don’t see any fault of this government, avoid them. They lack objectivity and balance and are blinded by sentiments.

There also those that no matter what,they see the government as evil. It doesn’t matter if the government turns Nigeria to Dubai,they want it down,out of sentiment and hatred. Run away from them.

The truth is:-
The government inherited a nation whose all levels of government were not able to pay salaries. The federal government that managed to pay was doing it from borrowing.

The government inherited derelict and broken infrastructure with no motorable roads. It inherited unchecked corruption without retribution. It inherited war with no sign of victory. It inherited strikes with all schools and hospitals closed.

No one wants to remember that herdsmen crisis was also inherited and bandits were having a field day in the past.
No one wants to remember that near 100℅ of youth were unemployed.


That even as this government has not created jobs for all of them, it is at least not taking advantage of their situation and collecting their little savings in the name of mass recruitment like the past government.

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Today small stipends are being paid to the poor and N-Power is real.
People forget that as at 2015 when the government took over,Nigeria’s foreign reserve was $30billion,deflated from over $100bn, ostensibly due to profligacy, waste and outright stealing.

Today Nigeria’s reserve is $33.440bn as at March 2020. It was up to $47bn before the onset of Coronavirus. But even at that, Nigeria’s foreign reserve is still the biggest in the continent. Figures don’t lie. If it were the past PDP government, with falling income,the reserve would have dipped to $10billion through stealing and mismanagement.

Now compare the simplicity and austere lifestyles of buhari and Osinbajo with that of Jonathan and Namadi Sambo and you will thank God for Nigeria. There is no doubt thieves were being replaced by men of conscience and fear of God.

In five years you can’t heal a nation and bring it out of bewilderment. But the area where failure is glaring is internal security. If the government can decisively deal with kidnapping and banditry, it will at least redeem its goodwill from Nigerians. For now even in his support base,buhari is an unpopular president.


In the North East today war has ended. Schools and hospitals have opened. But the Northwest is in state of fear. Kidnappers are the biggest threat to the people both in cities and highways. Even the president is becoming a victim now as the kidnappers have laid katsina under siege and struck at his birthplace, Daura.

State governments are paying salaries with the exception of few bad ones.
Industrial scale stealing has stopped,at least thieves are being prosecuted, even if not put to prison,money and assets are recovered.

TSA is being implemented near 100℅. The Kaduna Abuja rail is running. The Ibadan-Lagos rail is near completion. The Ibadan Lagos express that defeated every government is a reality. The second Niger bridge is in progress. Hundreds of roads are receiving attention for the first time in thirty years.

There is security failure but there is progress in infrastructure and fight against corruption.
Don’t join the crowd. Try and be objective.