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Inside NNS UNITY; Nigeria $350 Million Naval Warship

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NNS UNITY; Nigeria $350 Million Naval Warship

Inside NNS UNITY; Nigeria $350 Million Naval Warship 5ominds 5ominds

NNS UNITY is Nigeria $350 Million naval Warship fitted with some of the most advanced navigational systems in Africa. NNS UNITY is among Nigerian Navy’s first two new P-18N offshore patrol vessels.

In Modern warfare, the navies of a country have become an indispensable part of a country’s armed forces. This is more apt with a country with a vast coastline and it becomes pertinent that its navy must be well equipped and prepared to carry out basic missions.

Nigeria as a powerhouse in this region must continue to show it’s strength and protecting the coastal waters from pirates.

In December 2016 the Nigerian Navy christened a new warship – NNS Unity, the first in a new class of ships called the Stealth Offshore Patrol Vessels.

This $350 Million NNS UNITY Naval Warship is equipped with advance and sophisticated navigation systems. At first glance, the bridge could be mistaken for a Space Shuttle. There are a series of display screens, trackballs, gizmos, and communication equipment which would surely catch anybody’s eyes.

Inside NNS UNITY; Nigeria $350 Million Naval Warship 5ominds 5omindsInside NNS UNITY; A $350 Million Nigeria Naval Warship 5ominds 5ominds5ominds 5ominds

The sleek sharp edges and sloping surfaces mean that it shows up on radar as nothing larger than a small fishing vessel. The ship can sail into the coast of any country undetected.

Details of Nigeria $350 Million Naval Warship NNS UNITY Armament

It is disappointing that the decision of procurement makers have their priorities messed up. The Nigerian Navy spends $360 million buying an advanced stealth OPV yet refuses to spend a couple more millions on acquiring standard anti-ship missiles.

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The NNS Unity relies on an AK-176 76 mm deck gun. The AK-176 is a Soviet naval gun mounted in an enclosed turret, that may be used against the sea, coastal, and aerial targets, including low flying anti-ship missiles.

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The system is designed to arm small-displacement ships and comprises the Gun Mount with an MR-123-02/76 Fire Control Radar System. The Ak-176 has a Feed system of 152 rounds ready to fire, with an effective firing range of 10 km and a maximum firing range of 15.5 km.

Besides the traditional radars and deck guns, NNS UNITY also has a helipad big enough for two helicopters. Thanks to the ship’s sensors and radars NNS UNITY can deploy special forces into enemy coasts in the region undetected.

These incredible surveillance assets integrated with the largest and most powerful surface fleet in sub-Sahara were set up to protect Nigeria’s maritime domain and oil and gas installations.

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