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Insecurity: Nigeria Police Unveiled ‘NPF Rescue Me’ App



Insecurity: Nigeria Police Unveiled NPF Rescue Me App

Insecurity: Nigeria Police Unveiled NPF Rescue Me App npf rescue me app - Nigeria Police Unveil    NPF Rescue Me App To Address Insecurity In Nigeria 300x168 - Insecurity: Nigeria Police Unveiled ‘NPF Rescue Me’ App

In the fight to better provide security and challenge the growing level of insecurity in the country, the Nigeria police force has launched a new mobile phone App call the ‘NPF Rescue Me’ App to help the police tackle the insecurity in the country.

Insecurity: Nigeria Police Unveiled NPF Rescue Me App npf rescue me app - Police Complaint Unit 300x171 - Insecurity: Nigeria Police Unveiled ‘NPF Rescue Me’ App

The new NPF Rescue Me app launched by the Nigeria Police Force would offer technological solutions to insecurity and other emergencies in Nigeria. Just as the name of the app implies the NPF Rescue Me app is designed to help a victim or witness of criminal offenses and other emergencies to report the situation to the police who’ll respond to him as quickly as possible.

According to the police public relations office, the new NPF Rescue Me app is compatible with android and iOS operating systems and highlights eight different types of alerts in emergency cases like kidnapping, homicide, domestic violence, burglary, rape, assault, armed robbery, and other medical emergencies.

The police have also revealed that this new app is taking crime combat and response to a different level, as it is set to ensure rapid and immediate reaction of the Nigeria Police to any situation you or someone you know find themselves.”

Insecurity: Nigeria Police Unveiled NPF Rescue Me App npf rescue me app - download 7 1 300x150 - Insecurity: Nigeria Police Unveiled ‘NPF Rescue Me’ App

Features of the new NPF Rescue Me app

Reporting A Crime:

The New NPF Rescue me app has a web-based form that a user can fill to report a crime being committed in his presence or a breach of security anywhere in Nigeria. With an easy to use interface, The Report A Crime button is at the top left corner of the application interface and allows the user to state the nature of the crime, the location of the crime, and short details about the crime.

The app user can also attach audio, visual, or pictorial evidence of what happened and can also click on whether he can be contacted for more information or not.

Report A Police Officer:

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The new NPF Rescue me App allows you to report any erring police officer, a button next to Report A Crime is about reporting a police officer found exhibiting discourteous behavior or acting contrary to the law. As complaints on the unprofessional behavior of police officers around the country continue, Nigerians can now submit a reason and evidence for reporting the officers using the Rescue Me mobile app.

Request An Ambulance:

If you have a medical emergency or find people in an emergency, you can use the NPF Rescue Me application to request an ambulance. This feature allows you to mention the nature and the number of people involved in the accident. A field for an optional comment was provided in the feature and your location can be automatically tracked using the GPS.


The NPF Rescue Me application provides a navigation feature that can guide you to your destination if you become lost and you are finding your way back. The navigation allows you to contact nearby police officers who could help in guiding you home.

Saving Emergency Contact:

This feature on the NPF Rescue me app allows you to save the contact details of your relatives or those you’ll like to reach in case of an emergency.

Nigerians are advice to download the new NPF Rescue me app from either the android store or IOS stores. A user is expected to create an account by putting his/her email address before receiving a one-time password (OTP) that he’ll use to proceed to the registration.

A user can have full access and a quicker response after he has verified his identity using a “Voice Captcha” or any other proof of identification like a driving license, voters card, national ID, International passport, etc.

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