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Insecurities: Northern Elders Forum Urges Buhari To Resign



Northern Elders forum spokesperson Hakeem Baba Ahmed urges buhari to resign while speaking to Channels TV yesterday.

He said buhari has failed as a President. He added that Muhammadu buhari was elected to perform the job and he did not do the job, therefore, he should resign.

Northern Elders Forum Urges Buhari To Resign insecurities: northern elders forum urges buhari to resign - download 1 - Insecurities: Northern Elders Forum Urges Buhari To Resign


He insinuated that Nigeria is losing the war. No way the terrorists are as good as the Nigerian Army.


Nigeria is dangerous to live in under president Muhammadu buhari, Baba Ahmed said.

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He said the Nigerian Military is doing too much work with the fighting insurgency in the northeast, banditry in the northwest with other operation not done.

He said further that the Military and the Police are supposed to be fighting bandits together not overwhelming the Nigerian Military with everything

The Baba-Ahmed statement came days after Boko-Haram terrorists beheaded 43 farmers in Borno State.


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