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INJUSTICE: How Nigerian Man Was Imprisoned For 6 Years After Being Absolved of All Charges Against Him




Injustice - Saula INJUSTICE: How Nigerian Man Was Imprisoned For 6 Years After Being Absolved of All Charges Against Him - E1251030 5DA7 4D59 B29C C26015CFDA34 300x181 - INJUSTICE: How Nigerian Man Was Imprisoned For 6 Years After Being Absolved of All Charges Against Him

Meet Idris Saula, an innocent young Nigerian man who went by his daily business of bricklaying and was wrongly arrested and jailed since 2014.

Recently there was a Chima story, a mechanic who died in unlawful detention, there is the boy that committed suicide after SARS allegedly put him in debts, amongst countless many others. When are we ever going to get it right? Are these erring officers, I mean the bad eggs, are they really being prosecuted? Because I wonder why their atrocities seem unending.

Back to the story…


According to PUNCH Metro, Saula was on his way to a construction site in Sangotedo area of Ajah where he was working on back then in 2014, when he was rounded up by men of the Ajiwe Police station in one of their usual random raids.

Saula should have even be released since 5 years ago according to the legal advice from Lagos State DPP (Directorate of Public Prosecutions), but for some reasons best known to the police prosecutor, he did not take the advice to court. This was despite Saula being absolved of all the made up charges levelled against him. You can see that the injustice of our supposed justice system is yet again clearly evident in this case.

According to him he was arrested alongside 6 other construction site workers and that failure to provide N50,000 bail back then was what spelt his doom. Others who could raise the money were released. The most heart-wrenching part of his story is that he never saw court. He was just held there in the Kirikiri correctional facility. This is the only son of an aged widowed mother and he is most likely the breadwinner of his family.

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As fate would have it, a well connected man from Ikorodu was brought into the prison some days ago on some minor offence. Having listened to his story, the man promised to help him fight the injustice and then placed a call to popular rights lawyer Femi Falana.

Femi Falana sent a lawyer to interview him and on Thursday, April 30, 2020, he was called and told to go home. This is after they abducted him without contacting his family or anyone. Even his mother only came to know about his whereabouts some eight months later when some freed prisoners said they saw him in prison. What is wrong with our criminal system?


Really for how long will criminal elements in our police force and justice system continue to go unchecked?

Although human rights lawyer, Femi Falana, has vowed to sue the Nigeria Police Force for Saula’s ordeal, many questions remain unanswered.


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