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In Oyo, A Suspected Herdsman Shot And Killed A Man O’War Official



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In Oyo, a suspected herdsman shot and killed a Man O’War official.



In Oyo State, an official of the Man O’War organization was killed by alleged Fulani herdsmen.


On Monday, May 10, the deceased, identified as Oluwole Oke, was shot dead by assailants along Igangan/Iganna road, Iwere-Ile, in the state’s Iwajowa Local Government Area.

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33-year-old woman Oke was a commander in Iserin, Igboora’s volunteer paramilitary group.

According to Vanguard, Oke was driving his fiancée to her hometown when he was stopped along the Igangan to Iganna road in Iwere and fired.


Because of the Man O’War uniform he wore, the deceased may have been mistaken for a security agent, according to a source familiar with the incident.


- Screenshot 20210513 115936 1 300x293 - In Oyo, A Suspected Herdsman Shot And Killed A Man O’War Official

Wole was instantly shot when the alleged attackers saw the uniform vest on him, according to his fiancée, who has been described as unstable since the incident.

“On Monday, the guy (Oke) drove his fiancée from Igboora to the lady’s hometown, which was either Iganna or Iwere-Ile. He rode her around on his bike. He was wearing his Man O’War uniform by the time he was leaving because he had just entered the conference. “He was wearing a Man O’War short and a black round neck with the Man O’War logo and the word ‘Protection’ embroidered on the back,” a source told Vanguard.

“As he was leaving around 6 p.m., they flashed him, and he thought they were cops, so he came to a halt. Since he came to a halt, they may have assumed he was an OPC or Vigilante member based on his clothing, and they fired bullets at him, killing him. They didn’t even try to steal from him. They didn’t take his phone, money, or bike; they simply murdered him. The lady gave the account of what happened, but she never came back to Igboora.”

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The body was initially kept at the Iganna Police Station before being handed over to the family for burial on Wednesday.

DSP Adewale Osifeso, a spokesman for the Oyo State Police Command, confirmed the incident and said investigations are still underway.


“On May 10, 2021, about 2140 hours, an unfortunate incident was identified. “Our operatives acted on information obtained about a lifeless body later discovered along Iwere-Ile Road to be that of late Olabode Oluwole m’, 33 years old,” he said.

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