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I’m Glad I Married Adeniyi Johnson, we Understand Each Other– Seyi Edun – Trend



Nigerian actress Seyi Edun has stated that she’s glad she got married to her colleague, Adeniyi Johnson and they understand each other so much.

Seyi Edun stated this in a recent interview with Saturday Beats, she said:

“To every home, there is an understanding. The issue of handling one’s career and home is not a general affair. Every family must have a picture of how they want their home to be. I am glad that I married my best friend (Adeniyi Johnson), and we understand each other to a very commendable extent.

There are several celebrity couples who are doing greatly despite their busy work schedules. The likes of Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva are worthy role models to learn from. The idea of time, self and resource management continue to sharpen our marital life and we are balancing things appropriately.”


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