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If A Lady falls Into These Two Categories In relationship, she’s not for you



A Lady is most likely decieving you if she exhibits this certain attitude

This is not 100% but 85% of ladies with this attitude are not into you….

Relationship If A Lady falls Into These Two Categories In relationship, she's not for you - i am mahogany skinned 200x300 - If A Lady falls Into These Two Categories In relationship, she’s not for you

Relationship has become a baffling issue in the present society. Like Fashion, relationship is also following trend. Mentality is revolving with technology, so are the ways of behaving and relating with things. One cannot compare relationship of the 90’s with the present day.

However, some of the attitudes ladies exhibit in relationship still remain the same. Marriage don’t last anymore. We keep wondering why. This here is one of the way to detect a true lover.

If a woman is not after your heart in a relationship, she would fall into these two categories 

1. First category of a lady that is deceiving you in a relationship…

Will demand gifts or money confidently from you early in a relationship. She would feel a sense of entitlement. For instance, a 21st century lady who is not into you is likely to ask you for data sub very frequently or money to solve some non-existent problem she had before meeting you. That is, when it is obvious you are rich. This category of woman are not “shy” to demand from you. A lady cannot love you without getting shy to demand from you.


2. Second category of a girl that is deceiving you

This phase is very sensitive. Some women pretend as though they are not interested in your money in the first two or three weeks into a relationship. It is a stage work sometimes. Ladies in this category are calculative. They have done their homework. So they wouldn’t appear to be into you because of your weath.
Some may even go to an extent that if you offer them money or gift willingly, they would decline it, saying something like “I don’t like collecting something from guys.” If she utters this statement, she is likely to be playing on your intelligence. You will be like “Whew! This is the kind of babe I’ve been looking for.” You would be surprised she would be more annoying at demanding things from you without having a feeling for you.

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A Lady that is truly into you in a relationship…

The girl in this category will always feel shy to demand from you. You will see it in her character if you are observant enough. If you give her a gift or money early into a relationship, she would look surprised as if she does not deserve “anything” from you. You know that kind of feeling. She is likely not to tell you what the first category of lady had said. She would collect it shyly but she would thank you almost every minute until you force her to stop it. She does not feel entitled to whatever you have. She feels she is privileged to have won your heart over. And she feels collecting something from you is a bliss, a bonus to having a GOLD which is YOU. Meanwhile, you probably feel more for her.

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She is going to appreciate even a “dime” from you. And this would make the feelings grow more. For gifts are like water, women are roses. They need it to look good. Well, you may need to think twice about this when in a relationship.



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