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I Am Homosexual- Spanish Singer Pablo Alboran Announces



Spanish Songwriter and popular musician Pablo Alboran have come out in the open to declare his sexuality in front of the world.

The three time Grammy award nominee for Latin musician shared a video clip in which he duly explained his sexuality.

In the video shared online, the handsome singer noted that he wants his voice to be louder and have weight. He however dropped the bombshell by saying that “I am here to tell you today that I am Homosexual”

For him, being a homosexual is OK and life goes on with everything being the same. Saying that making his homosexual status known will make him happier than he currently is.

Pablo Alboran i am homosexual- spanish singer pablo alboran announces - IMG 20200617 135107 300x300 - I Am Homosexual- Spanish Singer Pablo Alboran Announces

Pablo Alboran

Pablo Alboran then went on to say that although many people suspected, while some knew and some others don’t. Being raised in a him where he was free to become who he chooses to be, he enjoys their support to fight for his dreams.

Pablo Alboran further noted that he has never for once felt discriminated upon by friends, colleague and others at his work place.

However he went ahead to say that although he never had a bad experience being a homosexual, some other people have had a bad experience. He then say that he hopes his message makes some other people’s life easier.

Pablo Alboran then talked about his music how he has written several songs about the human person and his environment. He also stated that his music applies to every person irrespective of gender, face or language barriers.

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He then noted that he wants to be free just like his music stating that he will still concentrate most of his public life to making music and using his platform and craft to continue to entertain his fans who he acknowledged for their unconditional support.

He also used the medium to announce his latest album which he hopes his fans would love.


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