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How To Know If Your Woman Is Cheating; Detective Style



How To Know If Your Woman Is Cheating

How To Know If Your Woman Is Cheating  How To Know If Your Woman Is Cheating; Detective Style - ECEA64EC B9C2 4765 942F BFEBCBF8E441 300x168 - How To Know If Your Woman Is Cheating; Detective Style

If you are reading this article, its one of two things. Either you have your suspicions about your wife, or you’re the cheating wife who don’t want to get caught. Either way, I’m here to serve you both. So, Why do women cheat?

While men cheat senselessly and unprovoked most of the time, when women cheat, you’ll almost want to see reason with them. They cheat for so many reasons ranging from insatisfaction, revenge, security, and sometimes even for the sake of their husbands. Crazy right? That’s a topic for another day.

One fact that we must quickly establish is this. Catching a cheating woman is one of the hardest tasks alive. Unlike us men who leave scents and traces everywhere like aboki perfume, women are extremely cautious and careful. So we might wanna remain undercover until mission is accomplished.


Before we get carried away, lets quickly highlight some red flags that will helps us.

Reg flag number 1: She comes home from work or shop looking as fresh as she did in the morning or even fresher than usual but tired at the same time. Ok o, Evening fresh.

Red flag number 2: She’s overindulging you to cover her guilt. Things that she naturally doesn’t take, she’s beginning to smile about it and just let go? My friend, don’t be played.

Red flag number 3: All of a sudden she’s spending too much time with her best friend Candy than usual , be careful it could be Randy.

Ok now that the red flags have been revealed, it’s time to pay more attention ; remember don’t jump into conclusion you have to be 100% sure she’s cheating before you drop accusations. It can be really embarrassing to wrongly accuse someone for cheating.

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Now onto our ‘Detective 101’ course proper. Get your notes! Here’s how to know if your woman is cheating.


Understand her calendar. Every woman has a monthly cycle. So the period (1-28 days) that she’s not experiencing her monthly visitor, that’s her cheating window. Be especially on high alert at this period, especially if you’re the boring type and have given your wife a good enough reason to contemplate cheating. If your gears are not functioning properly (our 2-minute noodles people), bros you have serious work to do in those 28 days.


Watch for the man she considers as ‘just a friend’ hmmmm.Go ahead ask her about him. Jokingly ask her about this ‘friend’ who just bought her an expensive birthday present.She will laugh it off(remember she’s a genius at this) & she will say the magic words “he’s just a friend”. My friend, start thorough investigations. If possible interview this man and get a written statement.



Women who cheat don’t cheat too far from their radar.She could be cheating with the guy who stays down the road from where you stay or work mate.So when the ‘cheating window’ is open be ready for statements like ‘I’m going for a girls night out’ or ‘I’m working late today.

Remember cheating is not only a man’s game women can be equally as guilty & when they do it’s hard to track them.

Take note of these red flags and stay alert, you just might walk in on them someday and see what you’re looking for! It’s not me that sent you.

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