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How To Be The Woman of His Dreams



Be the woman every man wants.
These days the women every man wants always seem to lack some essential qualities,it’s either she’s cute without character or she has character without beauty.

Inorder to prevent your relationship from failing apart, we have few suggestions.

1. Intelligence –

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An intelligent and bright woman is more attractive than you can possibly imagine. Give your opinions don’t just agree with him in everything he says.


2.Show that you care – Show him that you care, love him and make sure he knows that. Plan more time to be together, surprise him with dinner, buy him nice things. Spoil him like you also want to be spoilt, treat him like a king he’ll sure treat you like his king.

3. Support – Men have a hard time accepting that they have struggle with something, stressed about something. So read between the lines and make sure he never feels alone.

4. Humour –

How To Be The Woman of His Dreams - pexels photo 1367270 300x240 - How To Be The Woman of His Dreams
If you make him laugh, he is going to want to spend as much time with you as he possibly can and he is not gonna ever want to let you go.
5. Romance – relationships go bitter because of the lack of romance but it doesnot have to be that way. Little gestures will go a long way.

6.Honesty – When people say honesty is the best policy, there’re not lying. Honesty is what keeps a relationship going for a long time. Without it, there would not be much.

7.confidence – It’s said that confidence is the best outfit you could ever wear. Men loves a women who’s confident.

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