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How O’Leary Got It All Wrong In His Criticism Of UK Airline Policies



Michael O’Leary the CEO of Ryanair airline in an interview with Nick Robinson voiced out his displeasure at the recovery plan to be implemented by airlines in a bid to cushion the impact of the the coronavirus pandemic.

While giving his own take on the issue he noted that the airline would not recommence flying if middle seats on planes are left empty when travel restrictions are lifted following Covid-19.

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He noted that the airline recovery will be in phases as his plans include running 40 percent of flight in July, 60 percent in August and 80% in December.


He however noted that plans to run operation leaving the middle seat empty does not necessarily solve anything and if that is going to happen it is better the airline does not run operation at all.How O'Leary Got It All Wrong In His Criticism Of UK Airline Policies - IMG 20200518 084117 300x200 - How O’Leary Got It All Wrong In His Criticism Of UK Airline Policies

He however stressed that there won’t be any social distancing as what can only be available is the use of face mask and temperature checks.
He lamented how the government have been handling the coronavirus outbreaks in the country.

It would be recalled that Ryanair just like some other airline gave out vouchers to passengers who missed their flight due to pandemic.

This has generated a lot of controversy and disagreement in the previous week, saying that refund will only be possible after the pandemic is over.

From my option, Michael O’Leary of Ryanair is wrong. why? masks do not wholly “eliminate” the risk of transmission, and especially not as UK nationals are specifically instructed by the government and medical authorities not to use surgical grade PPE type masks.

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His strong advocacy for the disregard of social distancing rule is quite obnoxious and irrelevant.


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