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Hours After Police Disrupted Yoruba Nation’s Rally, See What Happened At The Venue



A few hours after Nigerian Police Force disrupted the planned Yoruba nation mega rally in support of the Oduduwa Republic, dozens of oro worshippers stormed the venue of the rally with their regalia.

According to SAHARAREPORTERS, Police took over Mapo Hall, the venue for the rally at the early hours of Saturday, stopping the organizers of the event from the area.

After the police disrupted the event, Oro worshippers who were mostly ladies stormed the venue with their regalia and started performing some rituals. The police who had earlier prevented the organizers from the venue could not do anything for the traditionalists, they turned to onlookers as organized of the event later arrived at the venue.

The traditionalists were used as shields and the rally later hold as planned but not with much crowd.


Watch the video here.

At the mega rally, the agitators declared the ancient city of Ibadan as the capital of the Oduduwa Republic. They insisted that no going on the Oduduwa Republic despite clampdown from the federal government.

The mega rally was attended by Yoruba activists from the six states in the southwest, Kwara State, Niger Delta, and Kogi State.

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