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Here are six easy ways to recognize fake news



False news is deliberately misleading information. A fake news story can also be considered propaganda. Basically, it can burn a nation to the ground. We should therefore be aware that fake news exists today in the digital world.

here are six easy ways to recognize fake news - Fake news - Here are six easy ways to recognize fake news

There are several reasons one must pay detailed attention to the information one consumes. Here are ways to spot fake news:

1. The reputation of the publisher
The reputation of the publisher is paramount. An unverified news publisher should be doubted, no matter how legit the news may look. If the publisher has been caught in the web of peddling fake news, then they cannot be trusted.

2. An unsecured website
Professional news platforms that understand the nuances of their job will, no matter what, secure their website. An SSL certificate authenticates a website’s identity. A news report from an unsecured website must be doubted.


3. Research the political affiliation of the publisher

Ask yourself if the publisher is politically inclined. People who have political affiliations own broadcast stations and dictate what goes in and out. So, such stations can easily ditch out fake news. This, however, is not to say such platforms are not serving the public. The fact remains that they dictate what goes in and out of their platforms. Anything that may paint a particular political party bad will be avoided. This is common all over the world.

4. Investigation
Carrying out research is another way to spot fake news. Some sources cited in a news story may be fictional or misquoted to achieve a specific end. As a reason, researching the news is one way to achieve accuracy in the news you consume. Do your research to know if reputable news houses in your country have carried the news.

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5. Correctly identify the URL
The URL is the web address of the news platform. You must ensure you have rightly entered “” in your browser and not anything different–even by a word different from the correct URL of the news platform you consume your news.

6. Get started by asking questions
If you find a news article fishy, you can reach out to friends who are journalists. Journalists do not find it difficult to spot fake news. So, you should consider asking questions henceforth. There is never harm in asking questions.


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