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Hawk & Robby’s Tournament Fight Video on ‘Cobra Kai’ Goes Viral



VIDEO: Hawk & Robby’s Tournament Fight Video on ‘Cobra Kai’ Goes Viral: Cobra Kai tournament season 3 has been created a deal between villain John Kreese and protagonists Daniel LaRusso and Jhonny Lawrence. Kreese cobra Kai loses the coming tournament then he would have to disperse the dojo. If they somehow win then Johnny and Daniel are supposed to do the same with their own dojos, eventually, everything has relied on the result of the tournament. Follow More Update On

Hawk & Robby’s Tournament Fight Video  - Hawk Robbys Tournament Fight Video on    Cobra Kai Goes - Hawk & Robby’s Tournament Fight Video on ‘Cobra Kai’ Goes Viral

Hawk & Robby’s Tournament Fight Video

All Valley Champions under 18 tournament there will be one male and one female Champions to be considered in this year. johnny’s star pupil Miguel Diaz must have given up in the tournament owing to the strained muscles. The further tournament had become between the two Rivals that is Hawk Moskowitz of Miyagi Do and Johnny’s son Robby Keene of Cobra Kai.


Here’s you just have to be aware of the climatic fights mention below.

The final match between Hawk and Robby comes stuck in between due to their angry conversation and arguments thereafter Robby shaved hawks head in episode 5, also Robby sees Hawk as a traitor as he abandons Cobra Kai. All these happening by Robby had put hawk into a deep depression and he decided to pull away himself from karate. hence, later he decided to recover himself by taking revenge on Robby which he turn on the hawk’s mode on behalf of Miyagi do against Robby.

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in the entire tournament, Daniel determined the cobra Kai is using Miyagi’s own way against them, which would happen due to the time spent with the Robby in the training time. which later resulted, Daniel has imitated Miyagi’s exclusive style and asking hawk to challenge Robby and to ensure using cobra Kai methods against him, hawk encourage and played well which resulted in the tying of the match by 1-1.

hawk and Robby were so close in the match and made it exciting to watch as the hawk was about to use his own technique against Robby but time had been over.

Hawk defeated Robby in their sudden death showdown round

both the boys had been asked to do overtime and being ready both got shirtless which clearly indicates that they were completely ready for the round. later, Robby gets a clear view by seeing a young protege Kenny showing anger and violence that afraid Robby. which further shows mercy towards the hawk, although Robby loses the male finals eventually. but the tournament winner is yet to remain undecided and be still decided by the winner of the female finals.



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