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Hausa man drinks sanitizer, says Coronavirus won’t kill him




Hausa man drinks hand sanitizer says Coronavirus can't kill him man coronavirus sanitizer - Screenshot 20200416 101432 166x300 - Hausa man drinks sanitizer, says Coronavirus won’t kill him


A Hausa man, who resides in Kano, Nigeria, used hand sanitizer to wash his hands, drinks it thereafter as prevention against Coronavirus.

The unknown Hausa man doing this said, Coronavirus can’t kill him.

He did this as precaution against the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak in Nigeria, which is spreading very fast. Kano state as at now has 12 cases confirmed,with no death.

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People from the north are been regarded as Local people,as they so some unimaginable things you don’t expect normal human being to do.

A lot of people have criticised the man, saying he might soon die for his actions. Hand sanitizers are good for washing hands but, not good for drinking.

Although, sanitizers are good Coronavirus pandemic prevention, but might kill man if care is not taken.

Watch video below


Man washing his hands with sanitizer to prevent Coronavirus.

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