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Governor converts a Nigerian Christian teenage girl to Muslim (Video)



Governor Ganduje converting a girl to Muslim governor - images 20 2 300x185 - Governor converts a Nigerian Christian teenage girl to Muslim (Video)

There was mixed reactions as a governor was seen converting a Christian teenage girl to Muslim.

Umar Ganduje, was seen performing the works of Imams on the teenage girl.

The reason for the development is not known, as some believed the girl might have willingly submitted herself for Islam.

The name of the girl is Rebecca,but now has been given a Muslim name by Umar Ganduje and it’s not known if her parents are still alive.


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Rebecca is said to be close to eighteen years of age as at the time of the event.

Due to this, was mixed feelings among Nigerians saying, it’s not right for the governor to do such.

However, a lot of Christians criticised him very, saying it’s none of his business. Muslims on the other hands backed the governor up , saying the girl willingly converted to Islam herself.

If Nigerians and Christians are to judge this act of the governor right, we all know it’s a wrong step. Why should a governor who oughts to be monitoring state affairs be getting involved in religion affairs?


Judging this critically, the governor is an islamists and that’s the reason Christians are being persecuted there.

Due to this act of his, he already told Nigerians that he is Islamist and he doesn’t have time for state works.


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