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Funny Viral video of a Chimpanzee harassing a dog, watch here

Today we have brought you a funny video of a chimpanzee in which it is seen harassing a dog and after watching this video you will have a smile on your face. This video has been shared on Instagram, in which it can be seen that a dog is standing on the road when a chimpanzee comes from behind and grabs the dog’s tail, and pulls it. The dog runs to catch the chimpanzee, due to being agile, the monkey hangs on a wire and after a few seconds again the chimpanzee senses mischief and it again goes to the dog and pulls its leg, and runs back to hang on the wire. Is.

This video shared on Instagram has been shared on the ‘doggosreels’ account and so far this video has been liked by 211K users. Netizens are giving their different reactions to this video. One Instagram user wrote, “He walked up on him smooth after swinging on that tree.”

Chimpanzee harassing a dog and more videos

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