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“Follow Who Know Road”: APC Staff Makes Strong Case For Saliu Mustapha As National Chairman 




Managing people is one of the most challenging tasks of leadership. You really need to extract the best out of your team members to be able to make them deliver optimally.

Leaders are rare to find in whatever organization you can think of. Leaders must manifest a unique combination of charisma, vision and strong personality, these are attributes that entices people to follow them with confidence.

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However, mostly, as they exhibit these leadership traits and characteristics, they become the person that other people want to follow if given the opportunity.


As the APC national chairmanship race heats up towards the main congress day, administrative staff(s) of the party have opened up on the kind of leadership they expect from their national chairman.

In an opinion poll conducted amongst APC administrative staff across the federation, the majority opined that the candidacy of Mallam Saliu Mustapha would make the best of a party leader if given the opportunity to serve as APC national chairman.

Here is a short compilation from some administrative staff of APC across states of the Federation.

Mr Emeka…Abia State APC.

” The APC as a party needs confident leaders that can be able to bring out the best in us all, actually political parties have a part to play in project Nigeria, how much more a ruling party. It is high time the APC has an organized party chairman that is visionary and fully ideologically driven.  Mallam Saliu Mustapha strikes as the perfect match for me, only if our party can give him the chance.”

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Mr Inuwa. Kogi State.

” Looking at the trajectory of administrative experience and the personality of Malam Saliu Mustapha then we can boldly say we have no choice than to plead with the leadership of the APC to consider this perfect gentleman. We believe his chairmanship would bring good tidings to the staff of the APC.”

Mr Unoroh…Delta State.

“If you ask me who I go support?  I go tell my people say make dem FOLLOW WHO KNOW ROAD. Make them support who go carry staff welfare for head oh. Na dat one concern us , we no be politician. I hear say  Saliu Mustapha don help Nigerians well well, na dat kind person we need wey go fit get sympathy and wey go reward our hard work more.”

Mrs Folake …Osun


“For us as staff, we prefer a national chairman that is accessible, accountable and trustworthy. Mallam Saliu Mustapha comes across as that perfect chairman, please I appeal to the party delegates to consider us too and vote the right choice by putting personal sentiment aside and embrace Mallam Saliu Mustapha’s candidacy.”

Mallam Saliu Mustapha hails from Kwara State and holds the title of Turaki of Ilorin, he is a frontline aspirant for the position of APC national chairman.

Credit: Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah


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