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Five ways to always win with your employees




Five ways to always win with your employees - iStock 903715608 300x200 - Five ways to always win with your employees Five ways to always win with your employees - iStock 903715608 - Five ways to always win with your employees
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s, many employers make the mistake of thinking if they pay their employees well, they would have no reason to leave. Inasmuch as that is true in some cases because of job insecurity, people also love to be where they are appreciated and not simply tolerated.

If as an employer you make your employees feel you depend on their contribution in reaching your goal and you seek their opinions on matters when need be instead of just letting your interaction with them ends at the remuneration stage or when they need to answer to queries, they would want to repay you by giving their best.

But if you are the type that nags and turn down your employees because they are on your payroll, it does more than good to your business. So, in this piece, I have compiled five ways for you to help you win with your employees. They are as follows:

1. Let Them Know You Need Them

At times, many business owners make the mistake of thinking they don’t need their employees beyond the service they provide.  Do not think they only need your money and you need their services and beyond that, you don’t need each other for anything.

Let them know that beyond the work, you need them. You can’t keep the business going if you have employees that don’t feel wanted by you beyond their daily schedule. You can’t succeed without the people working for you putting in their best.

In fact, you need them more than need they need you because your energy is limited and you are not experienced in every area of production. Without the help of others, you can only achieve little.

No matter how big your business or brand has grown, you still need people. Let them know what you cannot win without them assisting you. Asking your employees for help with certain things makes them happy. People always feel the need to be needed by others.

You start bringing the problem on yourself as a business owner when you feel you don’t need your employees. Make them feel needed by you and they will give you their best.

2. Compliment Them in Front of Each Other

Inasmuch as complimenting your employees when they do something right or something that brings glory to the company, consider saying those words in front of other people. These people could include other employees or some members of their family that hold them in high esteem.

People want to feel worthwhile at different times in their lives. And when a compliment comes from the owner of a business to his employees, they tend to value it more (that’s of course if they value you first because you are not just their employer).

When you say good things about your employees in front of other people, it affirms their abilities, and that in turn makes them strong. No word of compliment is too short so far the receiver is worthy and the people in front of whom you are giving it also value you.

There is no downside to giving compliments in the open so far you meant every word of it. Being complimented in front of others makes people happy. It’s a good way to always win with them. You should consider trying it.


3. Give Them a Reputation to uphold

As Goethe said, “treat a man as he appears to be and you make him worse. But treat him as if he were already what he potentially could be, and you make him what he should be.” Think about the best of the people that work for you and speak about their finest qualities.

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If you have an assistant that always represent you well, say it to him or her. If you employ someone to manage a project and he did so before the deadline day, say it to him so he or she wouldn’t falter. Treat them better than they ought to be treated by ensuring they take on projects that they thought they have limited abilities to carry out.

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Give them the reputation of goal-getters and they would be goal-getters with you constantly encouraging them. Give them names that speak better to their potential and you would soon see them realize it. Sometimes, people don’t know what they can do until they are constantly made to do it.

Have a high opinion of them and their potentials, back this up with action that could see them look past their past experiences and encourage them to build a new reputation for their future. They will always you to thank for making them grow and develop beyond the services they render.

4. Say the Right Word at the Right Time

Words are powerful. A right word at the right time said to an employee will boost his or her morale. More than the salary, more than the compliment, your employees need words of encouragement from you as their boss.

At every phase of their professional development, encourage them by saying words to them that reassure them of your interest in their development. When they failed at something, do not be quick to judge them by saying ‘I told you so.’

Instead, give them tips on how to do it better the next time they try to do the same thing. The words you say are better than the thoughts you conceive in your heart because no one could see those thoughts no matter how noble they are. Be sensitive about time and place. Understand their needs and say words to them that show you truly care.

As they say, the wrong words said at the wrong time discourages, the wrong words said at the right time frustrates, the right words said at the wrong time confuses, and the right words said at the right time encourages.

Again, it is said that a wise man speaks because he has something to say while a fool speaks because he has to say something.  What you say and when you say it would prove to your employees if you are wise or foolish.

5. Do for Them What They Cannot Do For Themselves

Recommend your employees for projects that fit their potentials. Sometimes the people you are recommending to might not know them. But they know you and trust your recommendations.

What you help those employees achieve by recommending for projects outside their comfort zones would always live with them. Besides, you could introduce them to many things they can’t know on their own.

It speaks to your success how many mentees you are able to build from your circle of employees. Take them to places they otherwise couldn’t go on their own by leveraging on your own greater network. Offer them opportunities they can’t get on their own and share ideas with them that they otherwise couldn’t conceive on their own. Do for them what they couldn’t do for themselves and you will see them willing to do it for others too.


Try these five methods of dealing with your employees and you will see them give in their best. Don’t be the employee that is only out for the gain but not the development of those whose services he needed to make those gains. There is fun in growing and helping others grow. Shalom!


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