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Federal Republic Of Nigeria: A Country Under Subjugation



federal republic of nigeria: a country under subjugation - Nigeria Lagos Victoria Island Urbanization 300x169 - Federal Republic Of Nigeria: A Country Under Subjugation

To begin with, we should re-visitation of the cesspool in which the youthful Nigerian country was unloaded with the shower water on the 24th of May 1966. We should connect for her, recover what is left of her, wash her clean and support her back to life. This we should do by getting back to the discourse table to rebuild.

Like I have said on past events, we should get set to modify and reestablish; we should recover what is surviving from the mainstays of our establishing fathers and we should rebuild and recreate; we should remake from one end to the other, from door to entryway; from network to network; from city to city; and from locale to district until the entire country is reestablished to its previous and considerably more noteworthy brilliance.

That is the reason we invite the possibility of a protected gathering and demand that the modalities be truly individuals driven.

Like our establishing fathers when they left on protected discoursed headed for autonomy, on the exchange table, we should dare to stand up to our feelings of dread, questions and worries about the Nigeria question, hiding nothing where no one will think to look, yet we should be prepared to make clever trade offs.


As we do as such, we should not fail to remember that sway lies with the individuals, not with government officials a large number of whom didn’t win decisions.

Hence, we should discover inventive components to bring all the sub-identities together to arrange the fate of our country in such a way that easily and calmly ships us from the current framework to a genuine people’s constitution that has certifiable cases to the expression, “We The Individuals”.

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Such a constitution should ensure social and monetary rights just as common and political rights without disparaging these rights through secondary passage arrangements.

We should leave on individuals driven rebuilding, warily guided by the acknowledgment that a framework that rolls out serene improvement outlandish rolls out savage improvement inescapable and that a constitution that won’t curve will break.

Also, while partners and veritable delegates of the individuals gear up for the discourse table, there should be a development of individual Nigerians, youthful and old, male and female, at home and abroad, with energetic enthusiasm copying in their souls, focused on finding a genuine Nigerian ideal and guaranteeing that the exchange is directed as endorsed by the individuals and that its result speaks to the certified yearnings of the individuals.


These Nigerians should exploit each medium, from online media to network social events and from traditional media to official Q&A events, to talk about the issues shrewdly and to mount tension on the public authority to regard the yearnings of the individuals.

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