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EXPLAINED: James Moore Aka Jimmy Arrested, Why Was James Moore Aka Jimmy Arrested? Reason, Charges & Allegations!



EXPLAINED: James Moore Aka Jimmy Arrested, Why Was James Moore Aka Jimmy Arrested? Reason, Charges & Allegations!, #EXPLAINED #James #Moore #Aka #Jimmy #Arrested #James #Moore #Aka #Jimmy #Arrested #Reason #Charges #Allegations Welcome to 5 0 M I N D S BLOG, This is the most recent breaking news and trending broacast that we have for you today: :

Lately, news of Jimmy Moore aka James Moore being arrested is circulated on the internet and people have been asking questions online as to know whether he is arrested, and if so why? And not then why is the rumor getting circulated online. A mug shot of Jimmy Moore getting arrested was released which raised several questions, and people have been asking questions about his arrest alt. If you want to know about Jimmy’s arrest and why about his life then this article might be helpful for you in knowing more about Jimmy. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

James Moore Aka Jimmy Arrested

James Moore Aka Jimmy Arrested

Jimmy updated some status on his social media informing people that he will be conducting some podcasts regarding the keto diet and the effect of Low carb and Keto diets. He was sharing a few points related to weight loss and weight-related matters. Apart from covering this topic, Jimmy was about to cover some other scientific topics too. Amid the arrest, he might get asked about the accusation and comments he made in this particular podcast and might be questioned about it as well. A website mentioning the arrest specified the arrest of Jimmy and not only this the website has many mentions about arrests and here the reason behind the arrest is also specified.

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James Moore Aka Jimmy Arrest Reason


The website which specified the arrest is called recently booked, and the great thing is that the website has specified the reason for Jimmy’s arrest as well. It was mentioned in a section that the reason behind the arrest was Carnal information. And the carnal information was of a minor aged between 13-14 years. There is no further information about the arrest or the minor, but only the arrest and booked information were specified on the website. Although the arrest information is circulating on the internet, there is no information from the police officials.

James Moore Aka Jimmy All Charges & Allegations

The identity of the abused victim is not yet revealed, maybe because the victim didn’t want to reveal his/her identity. There are many speculations ongoing about the victim and the accused as well. But nothing is precise, we cannot specify anything until the officials give out an authentic report about the case. Slowly the news is gaining momentum and many people are getting informed about the news and are giving their opinions on this case. James has a website online and is known for his website and podcast. However, his family is not that open on social media. More information can be specified after officials release any news.



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