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Egor/Ikpoba Okha:  Experts Share Their Monumental Thoughts On Hon Jude Ise-Idehen – Here Are The Findings




Aside from lawmaking legislators have a diverse set of responsibilities towards providing service delivery to constituencies and constituents. What are the expectations of a legislator in the 21st century? How effective and responsive are our legislators?

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Legislators are a link between the Government and the people, and as a matter of fact, they help society develop and prosper.

Each legislator represents a specific constituency. In this capacity, it is important that a legislator is in tune with the particular interests and difficulties connected with his or her community. For example, some districts are primarily rural, others strictly urban, or suburban, while others contain pockets or combinations of all three.


So it is pertinent that legislators meet the demands of their constituents according to their specific needs.

We decided to engage an expert roundup on the legislative responsibility of the Member Representing Egor/Ikpoba Okha Federal constituency in the National Assembly, Hon. Jude Ise-Idehen. We asked seasoned political experts to answer one question. “What are your thoughts on the legislative responsibility of the member representing Egor/ Ikpoha Okha federal constituency? 

*Numbering is for organizational purposes only and does not denote a participants rank or level of influence and also for time constraints, just a few respondents would be mentioned.

1 Comrade Etinosa Eweka.

“Hon Idehen has performed well in developing the educational needs of constituents, he’s annual sponsorship of Essay writing competitions in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions has helped in shaping the mindset of the younger cadre of constituents. Empowering these young ones with laptops, school welcome parks and tuition fees is a good display of legislative responsibility”


2 Jude Imade.

” I personally score Hon Idehen high in the area of youth empowerment schemes in developing the talents of Egor/Ikpoba Okha constituents. His specifics in meeting the peculiarity of what his district needs are worthy of applause. His periodical expository Workshop/Training and Empowerment for Basics Mobile Phone repairers has turned a lot of constituents into entrepreneurs, He has trained craftsmen in mechanical and electrical works and today they are all entrepreneurs.”

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3 Efosa Ighodaro.

” In all sincerity, Hon. Jude Ise-Idehen has done well in the provision of 500 KVA transformers to communities, provision of solar streets lights at Uselu, Ramat park, Ikoba hill and other environs, this goes a long way to show the lawmaker is in touch with his constituents.

4 Bright Omokaro.


“As part of its representational function, a legislator must provide service to his constituents. In terms of women participation, Hon Jude Ise-Idehen has made a major impact. His poverty alleviation scheme has taken away lots of mothers from poverty.”

5 Idahosa Ero.

“What a Huge question. I am excited about the role Hon Jude Idehen has played as regards the issue of employment and the facilitation of government grants. I am also excited to see students enjoy educational materials courtesy of the lawmaker. He has touched on farmers and has facilitated grants. I am concerned about inequities in access to high-quality education and schools and I appreciate the lawmaker in his efforts in addressing the challenges.”

6 Osaro Igbinovia.

“Jude is deeply involved in capacity building and has a good relationship with the traditional and community leaders. He has consistently played major roles in ensuring peaceful communities under his constituency. He should keep up his good works in liaising with the Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution towards maintaining peace.”


7. Comrade Okoro Best.

“In terms of cordial relationships with party members and stakeholders Jude is doing very well, he has found a means one way or the other to carry them along. For me, I would say the lawmaker should keep up reaching out to party members and leaders as their support is healthy for the system.”

We would like to thank all our experts for contributing to this roundup.  How is your legislator representing your constituency? Please share with us the lapses or successes of your Representative.

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