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Donald Trump To Run For President In 2024



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I’m seriously considering a presidential run in 2024 – Donald Trump






Donald Trump, the former US president, has confirmed that he is considering running for president again in 2024.


Trump revealed his presidential aspirations during his first television interview since leaving office in January. He also chastised Joe Biden for his treatment of the southern border, warning that Latin America was sending rapists’ to the US.



‘I’m taking it seriously,’ he said. ‘Beyond seriously,’ Trump told Sean Hannity of Fox News.

Sean Hannity of Fox News was invited to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.


He said that his high poll scores, which he described as “tremendous numbers,” were due to dissatisfaction with Biden’s presidency.



‘I’ve got a lot of numbers. Nobody has ever had the same results as me. No current president has even come near. ‘Now that the election is over, there is more popular than there was the day before the election,’ he said.


Trump, who is now 74 years old, has confirmed that he is not yet willing to announce his candidacy.


‘I don’t want to worry about it yet from a legal perspective,’ he said.



He praised himself for lowering taxes, lowering the cost of prescription drugs, establishing the Space Force, and constructing portions of a border wall with Mexico.


In March, more than 170,000 migrants were apprehended at the United States-Mexico border, the highest monthly number since at least 2006. Biden’s undoing of Trump’s immigration policies, Trump now claims, was “really bad.”

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‘All he had to do was leave it alone,’ Trump said, saying that tens of thousands of refugees are on their way and that they are criminals and drug dealers.


‘They’re not sending their best people to us,’ Trump said.


‘They send us people who are killers, drug dealers, sex traffickers, rapists, and other very poor people in certain cases – but not all cases.’


‘They’re releasing people from jails.’


He described the situation as “horrible.” ‘It has the potential to ruin our country.’ ‘The crowds are flooding in.’


He told Hannity he was excited to vote for Republican candidates in the 2022 election, and that they should support his policies ‘if they want to win.’


‘In ’22, we have to reclaim the building,’ he said. ‘We’ve got a chance.’



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