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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Donald Trump Supporter ‘Shoots Dead 32 Year Old Woman For This Reason

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- Screenshot 20210217 145343 1 300x182 - Donald Trump Supporter ‘Shoots Dead 32 Year Old Woman For This Reason  - Screenshot 20210217 145343 1 - Donald Trump Supporter ‘Shoots Dead 32 Year Old Woman For This Reason

supporter ‘shoots dead 32-year-old woman who tried to snatch signs from her yard supporting the former president’

Washington State authorities have arrested a supporter of Donald Trump suspected of shooting another woman dead who was attempting to steal a sign promoting the former president.


After allegedly murdering 32-year-old Kamran Cohee, Angela Marie Conijn, 55, was booked into the county jail on second-degree murder charges.


In the felony-level Skagit County Superior Court, Mail Web files, a magistrate’s warrant against Conijnon was released Tuesday, giving officers 30 days to file charges.


Police officers from the Skagit County Sheriff’s Office were reportedly summoned to a property in Mount Vernon, Washington, about 5.25 pm on Saturday after a fight was reported.


A second call was made to the police a few minutes later by a man who said his friend had been shot. When officers arrived at the house, they found Cohee’s body lying in the driveway.


Investigators reported that the victim and the suspected gunman were not aware of themselves, but that the incident began with a political sign that was thought to endorse Donald Trump.


Court records state that Cohee, and a man, pulled into the driveway of Conijn, allegedly so he could let the tires of their vehicle air out.


Conijn’s husband says that when he saw someone pull into his driveway, he came out of his home, thinking they were trying to steal his political signs. Then a battle broke out between the husband of Conijn and the man who had arrived with Cohee before the husband of Conijn had been chased back into his house.

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Conijn’s husband told police that Cohee and the other man began banging a wheelbarrow at his front door, at which point Conijn left their home and fired a pistol at the parked car.


Cohee, whose body was discovered 50ft from the house and 25ft from the lane, was hit by the shot.


The man who had arrived with Cohee reportedly admitted that the political sign had been taken.


Conijn is reportedly being held on $500,000 bail at the Skagit County Criminal Justice Center. Her husband was first taken for treatment for a facial injury to Skagit Valley Hospital before he was later arrested on assault charges.

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