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Dog Surprised With Puppy For Christmas Video viral on TikTok



WATCH: Dog Surprised With Puppy For Christmas Video viral on TikTok: There is a video of a dog’s first encounter with its owner’s new puppy which has got the attention of animal lovers all over the internet, Lenny is a chihuahua who has been enjoying the early Christmas present this year when his human companions brought home Ernie. Ernie is also a chihuahua when it comes to breeding, as the video attests, that pair have proven to become friends pretty fast since they have moved in, there is a clip which is showcasing the early stages of the special bond which was uploaded to Tik Tok by the owners. Follow More Update On

Dog Surprised With Puppy For Christmas  - Dog Surprised With Puppy For Christmas Video viral on TikTok - Dog Surprised With Puppy For Christmas Video viral on TikTok

Dog Surprised With Puppy For Christmas Video

The video has been posted under the handle sineadmichelex. At the time of writing, the video has gained about 1.9 million views, the fans are left rather feeling emotional, the clip begins with the dog owners presenting Lenny with a red card box which is gently placed on their kitchen floor. As the footage is showing, Lenny wasted little time in getting acquainted with the young charge, heading straight over to Ernie for a good sniff, the puppy appears to be nervous, as the video progresses, we are going to be seen how the pair have quickly formed a bond which sees them engaging in extended play flights on the family couch.


Dog Surprised With Puppy For Christmas TikTok

The status of the best friend is officially confirmed with the video’s final shot, there is a picture of the pair snuggled close together enjoying a nap, there are many users who have stated, “How cute is that,” joannefitzgeral65 wrote. “Awww, every dog needs a friend,” Airen Perry975 added. “Ours was not happy but now [they have another dog] they are inseparable!” There is another user who has commented, “I’m crying,” Indigo_Horses_Dead commented. “That’s the cutest thing ever.” Steampunkgem also wrote: “It’s good to see they’re getting along well cause sometimes introducing new dogs can be difficult.”

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It has been further stated by the chief Veterinary officer of the American Kennel Club, he has stated that things can prove to be tricky for the older dog. He further added,  “Senior dogs are creatures of habit and crave their routine and consistency,” he said. “Any disruption could cause anxiety or possibly result in jealousy or envy.” We are going to be on our toes if there is something important that comes up related to the story in the coming days and weeks, we are going to be on our toes in order to provide you with further revelations as soon as something comes under our radar.


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