Does Samuel Die In Elite season 5? ending explained

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Does Samuel Die In Elite season 5? ending explained: The wait is finally over for the fans of “Elite” season 5. The 5th season of the series is finally out on Netflix and the ending is arguably the most stunning ending in the history of Elite. The 5th season picks up right where season 4 left off. The disappearance of Armando still weighs heavy on all the pupils of Las Encinas, in particular, Rebeka and Samuel who know what really occurred to him. Not to mention, two new pupils, Isadora (role played by Valentina Zenere) and Ivan (role played by Andre Lamogila) join the school and fastly become entangled in its ongoing drama. Follow More Update On Olasmediatv.com

Does Samuel Die In Elite

Does Samuel Die In Elite season 5?

In Elite season 5, 1st episode, we were shown an evidently dead body dripping with blood in a pool and it is only in the 4th episode that we learn that it is Samuel. Throughout the season, we then gradually learn exactly what direct to him end up face-down in a pool, who was responsible for it, and whether or not Samuel is really dead or if there is a chance he could still be alive.

Midway through the season, the body of Armando is discovered. Guzman is, of course, responsible but Rebeka and Samuel are intent on rescuing him, leaving them and the whole Blanco family as suspects. Benjamin then convinces Samuel to confess by swearing to him that he will pay for the best attorneys to rescue him and give him a prosperous future.

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Who Kills Samuel In Elite Season 5?

Samuel informs Rebeka about the offer from the cops and together, with the aid of Cayetana, they plan to reveal Benjamin. Caye uses the key of her cleaner and searches her office of Benjamin for proof. In the meantime, Samuel and Rebe go to dinner with Benjamin. Rebe searches Mencia has the SIM card of Armando. In the meantime, Samuel distracts Benjamin.

Caye is caught and fired as a cleaner. Though Rebe successfully gets the SIM. Samuel has doubts about giving it to the cops and meets with Benjamin at his home. He decides to take the deal with the police ad Benjamin attacks him. He knocks Samu over. The head of Samu cracks open on the side of the pool and he falls into it, unconscious.

Is Samuel Dead In Elite Season 5?

Patrick then discovers Benjamin freaking out. He attempts to call an ambulance but Benjamin informs him it was an accident and attempts to get Patrick to aid him and cover it up. They got Samuel out of the pool and Samuel unexpectedly becomes conscious. Rebe, Ari, Omar, and Mencia then arrive and realize what Benjamin has done and Mencia calls the cops on her own father.


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