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Horrible as French Doctors agree to test new COVID-19 drug in Africa (Video)



It quite horrible as French Doctors agrees that new COVID-19 drug should be tested in Africa.

Two French doctors were on a live television program discussing how a potential new treatment against #covid19 should be first tested in Africa. The same way experimental treatment for AIDS was done on prostitutes”.

It is horrible to see that in 2020, Westerners still see people from Africa as subjects for experimentation. Africans are seen as guinea pigs and lab rats. This is what normalized racism looks like

Nobody counters the arguments as both doctors agreed that people in Africa, just the same way sex-workers are considered like objects that can be used for tests.


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(Video Translation)
Dr. Mira: “If I can be provocative, shouldn’t we do this study in Africa, where there are no masks, no treatment, no resuscitation, a bit like it has been done in some studies in AIDS, where among prostitutes, we try things because they are exposed, and …they don’t protect themselves, what do you think?”

Dr. Locht: “So you are right[…]we’re thinking in parallel to a study in Africa precisely to make this same type of approach w/ BCG [vaccine]placebo, I think there is a call for tenders that was released or that will be released & I think we will indeed seriously think about that too”

In the past drugs have been tested on Africa subjects. It is quite regrettable that Africans are still seen as Guinea pigs and Lab rats.

Africa as test ground africa - FB IMG 15858200792331363 300x160 - Horrible as French Doctors agree to test new COVID-19 drug in Africa (Video)

Covid-19 patients

The outbreak of the novel covid-19 virus has possessed a lot of challenges to the medical world making the World Health Organization recognize it as a pandemic.

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The number of COVID-19 pandemic related deaths has exceeded more than 40,000 world wide and more than 800,000 persons have been infected by the virus.


Africa and the world, in general, are currently struggling to checkmate the spread of the virus, with various governments imposing a lockdown.

Lockdown cause by the pandemic across the world has greatly affected economic and social activities. For the first time in more than 30 years the price of crude oil has fallen below  $20 per barrel.

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