Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Diary Of A Wild Maid Episode 1 (Rated 18)

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Diary Of A Wild Maid(Episode 1) Rated 18

- images 87 - Diary Of A Wild Maid  Episode 1 (Rated 18)  - images 87 - Diary Of A Wild Maid  Episode 1 (Rated 18)

Her: what is there for you to lose?

Him: stop asking me irrelevant questions. I have given you… an order. Stop or I will be forced to …

Her: send me away? Maybe you should do that. Seeing you all day knowing I can’t have you is suicidal. If I will ever stop, we need to have this conversation.

Him: alright. What was the question again? What is there for me to lose? Everything. I get to lose everything. Once… once we cross this line, there is no going back. I will lose my family.

Her: is this family worth that much to you?

Him: of course my family is everything.

Her: you deserve better. You need more.

Him: it is not always greener on the other side.

Her: look at me. Just take a look and repeat what you just said. I am greener than it ever gets. My breasts are full and soft. They yearn for your glory. My ass is robust and firm. My lips are succulent and … thirsty. For you. What could be greener?

Him: stop. Don’t come closer to me.

Her: why? What are you scared of? Falling for my charm? Giving in to your innermost desire? Embracing true happiness and fulfilment? The fun we could have. The passionate things I could do to you… with you. How crazy it can get.

Him: you are making this difficult for me.

Her: then make this easier for yourself. You want me. I want you. We will make each other happy, riding on the waves of mutual pleasure. We will make life’s rare fickle moments count.

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Him: I have a family. Don’t you get that? What do you actually want from me?

Her: be mine. I can prove to you that your maid is worth more than your family. I can give your life much more joy than that crazy woman can ever give you.

Next episode dropping soon!

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