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Dangers of beating a female child and its possible complications



beating a female child - images 37 300x158 - Dangers of beating a female child and its possible complicationsThe danger of beating a female child in every home or school is wrong and should be abstain from.
The danger of beating a female child is enormous. Beating is generally seen by many as a form of punishment that aids childrens reaction to instructions and helps to make them more responsible.

Recently, people in the western world has started seeing beating as a part of corporal punishment which must be guide against as they believed that it has done more harm than good to the children especially the teenagers. And as such have warned against the danger of beating a female child.

The beating of children

beating a female child - images 31 1 - Dangers of beating a female child and its possible complications

Beating a female child in it real sense, is not acceptable as it can affect and may damage an organ or part of the body.

beating a female child - images 3 3 300x173 - Dangers of beating a female child and its possible complications

It is also not advisable to beat a female child as it is hard for one to know when they are on their monthly flow. Beating female child in their buttocks in the course of correcting may be dangerous and not acceptable.
Another reason is that female child is believed to be a weaker vessel, and needs to be handled with care.
Psychological abuse often called emotional abuse, is a form of abuse, characterized by a person subjecting or exposing another person to behavior that may result in psychological trauma, including anxiety, chronic depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Generally, female child or children exposed to domestic violence are likely to develop behavioral problems, such as regressing, exhibiting out of control behavior, and imitating behaviors. Female child or children may think that violence is an acceptable behavior of intimate relationships and become either the abused or the abuser.

As a consequence, abused children report that they provoked their parents into using corporal punishment. When these children become adults they continue to cling to the myth that they were bad and the parents good.

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There is plenty of research that demonstrates the devastating impact of abuse on mental health. People who survived abuse during their childhood, emerge with low self esteem, lack of self confidence, over whelming anxiety, depression, drug and alcohol abuse and achievement far below their native abilities.
Many describes how the child comes to think of her punishment as a demonstration of love. With this type of background, too many people confuse abuse with love. That is part of the reason why these same individuals find and remain in abusive relationships. In fact, without psychotherapy, they remain unaware that they are unconsciously choosing abusive partners. The thinking goes something like this, “Of course I remain with him, though we argue a lot and he becomes abusive but that is only because he really loves me. After all, no one else would be able to put up with me.” The psychological effect is usually disturbing.
On this note it is advisable and encouraging to device a means to punish our children. Both male and female. They shouldn’t be exposed to abuse.


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