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Cuba, the world superpower in health sector



Cuba has sent a medical brigade to South Africa,
200 medical doctors.
A small country punching above its weight.
Cuba has sent doctors to over 20 countries to help them fight COVID.
A small country that built an army that could seize big countries.
And it sent military brigades around the world to fight for freedom.
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A small country of boxers and soldiers.
Cuba has more olympic boxing gold medals that the entire Africa. And perhaps, perhaps that the entire South America.
Many say were it not for socialism Cubans would not have allowed Americans dominate the world heavy weight and middle weight boxing titles.
What a country !cuba, the world superpower in health sector - FB IMG 15881380021787927 300x170 - Cuba, the world superpower in health sector

Since the 70s, they’ve been sending medical doctors to Africa. Their doctors were so unique, they could work under any circumstances. Even performing operations under a lantern light.
cuba, the world superpower in health sector - Screenshot 20200429 062241 1588138225379 300x150 - Cuba, the world superpower in health sector
Today, that country stands high in healthcare too, apart from boxing and military. Their healthcare delivery is one of the highest in the world. All thanks to Fidel Castro and sugarcane.

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