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COVID-19 Increments In Lagos State As A Shame Of A Nation



covid-19 increments in lagos state as a shame of a nation - f2d4a744 394c 46b2 8df7 a711305edaed 300x200 - COVID-19 Increments In Lagos State As A Shame Of A NationToday Nigeria finally hit 1095 cases of coronavirus carriers, let us briefly jettisoned diplomacy at this time and talk more pointedly, the Nigerian political terrain is to be blamed for all these increments.

As our political terrain is characterized with seeds of discord, subjective criticisms and satanic politicking, how on earth will the people that are having a president suffers under the tutelage of the nation continuously for sustenance, and yet all the leaders keep on looking without a possible solution to the pressing matters of the people.

How come the numbers rise to this repressive outrageous figures?

The reason is that people are failing to abide by the social distancing order because they are always going out to look for something to eat, and there is no how they will not mingle in that process thus spreading more of the pandemic unknowingly.

Just imagine in the face of president Muhammad buhari and Babajide Sanwo-Olu the entire Lagosians are clamouring for food openly, yet they fail to provide this food for them, and on live broadcast president Muhammad buhari still proclaimed that the Nigerians should take care of the less privilege around them when they are having nothing, that is why they keep going about in search for food.


It is so apparent that more cases will still emerge in the country, as the presidency resolved not to comply with the demand of the people, and the people themselves are not ready to stay indoor since no one is ready to die for hunger.covid-19 increments in lagos state as a shame of a nation - images 26 2 - COVID-19 Increments In Lagos State As A Shame Of A Nation

In so many countries the leaders donated myriads of foodstuff and cash to all the citizens of their land, in UK and USA and some other European countries, things were shared in cash and in kinds but the case of Nigeria is always different despite all the money that this country as with all its massive bureaucracy nothing was shared to the citizens.

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Some weeks ago, the citizens attacked a vehicle conveying bread to a certain destination In Lagos, some attacked another conveying rice in Abuja, another car was also attacked in Ogun all the foodstuffs in it were looted, are these not all a shame on the nation?

And it so obvious that the Nigerian rulers are too indifferent as they feel so unconcerned with all what is happening in the country, many internet messages were sent to the presidency on this but through their body language, they don’t really care about the country.

It’s all a shame on this nation as the leaders always digress on the part of progress and truism.

Nigeria has a long and proud history of corruption, nepotism, abuse of power and institutionalised shamelessness but this comes top at many unethical intersections.covid-19 increments in lagos state as a shame of a nation - images 19 2 - COVID-19 Increments In Lagos State As A Shame Of A Nation

The president himself does not seem to be too oblivious of what is going on Presently, he and his political coteries should just accept the blame and make a way for better procedures.


According to Abimbola Adelakun( a punch columnist), she described president Muhammad buhari as one who lacks a discernible sense of what constitutes virtues, ethics, fairness, or integrity, and this puts him beyond the possibility of acting morally, because of he his a narcissist who sees himself as the epitome of incompatibility and therefore, he considers everything he does right.

In such a regard politic of Nigeria may constitute President Muhammad buhari as one who is always above the law by so doing he may not listen to the volley of peoples voices but the truth is that he can never curtail the spread of the pandemic by being defiant to the Nigerians wailings, if he really wants to help matters money must be shared to all the Nigerians irrespective of your status be you rich or poor that will prevent people from moving about, and so the pandemic will surely find its way.