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Coronavirus May Never Go Away – WHO



World health organization Emergency Director Dr Mike Ryan told the press that “it is important to note this: this virus may become another endemic virus in our community, and this coronavirus may never go away.

Coronavirus May Never Go Away - WHO Coronavirus May Never Go Away - WHO - Coronavirus COVID 19  300x169 - Coronavirus May Never Go Away – WHO

Dr Mike Ryan warned us not to estimate when the virus will go into extinct.

He also said, even with the availability of vaccine, to control the Virus will involve big effort.

He said, “HIV has not gone away – but we have come to terms with the virus”.


“I do not believe anyone can predict when this virus will end” he said.

There are more than 100 vaccines in development but Dr Ryan noted that there are other diseases such as missiles despite there being vaccines for them, they haven’t been destroyed.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus WHO Director-General, emphasized that it was still possible to control the virus with effort.

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He said, “The trajectory is in our hands, and it’s everyone’s business, and we should all contribute to stop it”.


Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO epidemiologist also said, “we need to have this in our mind that it will take time to come out of this pandemic”.

Dr Tedros warned that there is no way lockdown will be eased without worsening the situation.

Dr Mike who warned that the Coronavirus may never go away, included that “there are some magical thinking going on that lockdown is the perfect thing to do and that unlocking lockdown will go great.both are dangerous”.

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About 300,000 people have died from the virus, and over 4.3m cases have been reported worldwide.