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Chelsea going from Aubameyang shows desperation on their part



Chelsea going from Aubameyang shows desperation on their part, #Chelsea #Aubameyang #shows #desperation #part Welcome to 50MIND S BLOG, This is the most recent breaking news and trending broadcast that we have for you today: :

The world of football never fails to shock fans every so often. Pierre-Emerick Aubamejang looked down and out after Arsenal treated him like a piece of trash. He had a disappointing AFCON 2021 where he never had the opportunity to kick the ball only for Arsenal to terminate (by mutual agreement) the one year left on his contract before allowing him to join Barcelona for free! The rest is history like they say! Aubameyang has been absolutely fantastic for Barcelona which is why Chelsea’s interest in him is somewhat befuddling.

It is hard to tell if Barcelona will be selling Aubameyang. In fact some dailies are claiming that Barcelona has offered Aubameyang to Chelsea but the striker will definitely frown at the thought of leaving Barcelona at this time. Even though for obvious reasons Aubameyang may like to hurt Arsenal from Chelsea, he has become so successful in Barcelona after only one half of a season that the prospect of trying to settle somewhere else may not appeal to him. He need not look very far to find discouragements though as he is to replace Romelu Lukaku in Chelsea. Lukaku was sensational for Inter Milan but he was a flop in Chelsea so much so that they had to loan him back to Inter Milan. Aubameyang should learn from that.

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In a sense though Barcelona may rub their hands with glee since Aubameyang cost them absolutely nothing. What a thrill will it be to sell him for a fortune after so short a time! That money and extra space will have their uses. That said, Chelsea are acting almost like a naughty child in a toy shop. They seem quite rudderless in the transfer market going for players that are often headed elsewhere. If they wanted the Gabonese, they wouldn’t have paid a dime for him less that eight months ago. Why pay a huge fee for his transfer now?

It is true Aubameyang has proven himself in the Premier League before and he very well can fit into Chelsea quite well but the vibes coming out of Stamford Bridge are not looking too God. One cannot help but sense an air of despondency around the club’s transfer activities and they may have a long and difficult season ahead of them. It will be great to have Aubameyang back in the Premier League though.

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