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Cheetah training her cub to hunt, watch this viral video



On social media, we often get to see the very best videos of animals which are quite interesting and in the video we have brought for you today, a mother cheetah is learning her cub to hunt. This video going viral has been shared on YouTube, in which it can be seen that the cheetah catches a deer to train its cub in the forest for hunting and she brings the deer near the cub and leaves it. As soon as the deer tries to escape from there to save its life, the cub catches the deer and tries to hunt it. The deer is successful in saving its life from the cub many times, but in the end the cub catches the deer and becomes successful in hunting it.

This video going viral has been shared on YouTube on ‘Thriller Stock’ channel, which has been seen by millions of YouTube users so far. After watching this video, everyone is giving their different reactions. Commenting on the video, one user wrote “When the cub chases him down it’s a proud moment for adult cheetah” while another user wrote “It’s really a relive to see, they aren’t starving for this time! And that cub is growing fine. Hope he/she will run and hunt in this ground.”

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