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Checkout The Largest Seaplane In The World Made By China That Can Carry Up To 50 People



China has always been at the forefront of technology, whether it be in the areas of transportation, agriculture, or weapons, where they make minor adjustments to make them more potent and effective. We’re going to examine the AG-600, a brand-new, enormous seaplane from China that is the largest in the world.

The large amphibious aircraft called the AVIC AG600 Kunlong was created by AVIC and put together by CAIGA. It is one of the largest flying boats, having a 53.5 t (118,000 lb) MTOW, and is propelled by four WJ-6 turboprops (Maximum takeoff weight). After five years of development, assembly began in August 2014; on July 23, 2016, it was rolled out; and on December 24, 2017, it took off from Zhuhai Airport. It was certified in 2021, and is now being transported in 2022.

The AG600 amphibious aircraft includes four WJ-6 turboprops, a tricycle retractable landing gear, cantilevered high wings, and a single body flying boat fuselage. It can operate in water up to 2.5 meters (8.2 feet) deep and 1,500 by 200 meters (4,920 by 660 feet) wide, and it should be able to function in Sea State 3 conditions with waves up to 2 meters (6.6 feet) high. It was designed for aerial firefighting, retrieving up to 50 people from the sea, gathering 12 t (26,000 lb) of water in 20 seconds, and transferring up to 370 t (820,000 lb) of water on a single tank of fuel (31 revolutions).

It could get to the Spratly Islands, which are far-flung atolls in the South China Sea and are the subject of territorial disputes between several neighboring countries.

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James Shoal, the southernmost limit of China’s territorial claims, is reachable by the plane in four hours from Sanya in the south.

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